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Artistic team

The beating heart of Screen

This is a team of designers that was born with the brand, who have worked at the Screen headquarters every day for years. To the group's historic hairstylists new strength and new energy have been added, season on season, Today, the Artistic Team has over forty members who work in creative synergy, fertile and dynamic, continuing to develop the guidelines still traceable back to their origin. Their strength: a knowledge passed down over the years. Their mission: to bring forward the philosophy, vision and trends of Screen.

Driver of ideas

The Artistic Team captures the tendences and anticipates the trends. Every year they develop new fashion lines, adapting cutting techniques so as to be always at the forefront. The artistic team leaves nothing to chance, from the first casting to the last advertising campaign, the total look of the Screen models is studied in every detail. This ensures that the launch of the hair-fashion collections, results of stylistic and technical innovation, are transformed every year into unmissable shows that have as their set the most important stages in the world: Milan, London, New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Sydney, Moscow and Taiwan. But the team goes even further: by following step by step their Italian and foreign colleagues and by training them in the famous Academy, they transform these shows into reality!

It is the team that makes Screen a big company

Screen is one of the few, if not the only company in the industry, that can boast a stable team, an articulate and numerous organization who works for the brand. It is through the daily experimentation of its hairstylists that the Screen lines satisfy all the needs of the professionals, always striving for perfection. At the bases in Milan and Pescara, colleagues from around the world are received for continuous technical updates on products, offered directly by the team that "conceived" them.