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Fidelity Point

This partnership ensures the training and technical assistance necessary to acquire revolutionary cutting techniques. A Point stylist distinguishes themselves by their cutting-edge styles, by simple realizations, and being fast and precise: these are all crucial to the success of every salon. Technical meetings and management training, studied to meet the needs of both salon owners and their assistants, provide the foundations for success. The opportunity to see previews of the fashions transforms Tagliati X il Successo Point partners from simple points of reference into
trendy salons. Join us to enjoy...
- Technical and Management Training Days
- Constant and Continual Support for the Salon
- Appealing Tools for Captivating Communication
- Exclusive Highest Quality Products


An innovative partnership arrangement, which combines the proven effectiveness of the Tagliati X il Successo Point together with the communicative power of the shop sign. The security of belonging to a successful group, to be a leader in their sector, to be “recognised” by the general public and to be followed every step of the way. Join us to enjoy...
- Salon recognition due to the “Tagliati X il Successo” sign and appealing 360° communication
- Publicity strategies in National Media
- Constant and Continual Support for the Salon
- Training and Technical Courses, Styling, IT, Management and Visual Merchandising Training Days designed for salon owners and collaborators
- A winning work method
- Ongoing research and styling innovations
- Exclusive Highest Quality Products